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Prof. Dr. Natalia Maslakova-Clauberg

Bild - Natalia Maslakova-Clauberg

Dr. Natalia Maslakova-Clauberg is co-founder of InterKulturForum GmbH, political scientist, diplomat, and historian. She studied at the Moscow Linguistic University, the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow, the Diplomatic Acadamy in Vienna/Austria, the Russian Presidential Academy for Economy and Public Administration, the European College in Bruge/Belgium, and the Orthodox Humanitarian University of St. Tichon/Russia. Her qualifications include the Doctor of Philosophy (political science) from the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry (1997), a diplom in German philology (1995), a diplom in international relationships (1997), a diplom in management of government projects (2000), and a diplom in theology (2013).

Since 2012 Dr. Maslakova-Clauberg is a professor at the Diplomatic Academy in Moscow, where she leads the center of public diplomacy and world cultures. Before, she was a diplomat and member of the russian diplomatic mission at the UNESCO in Paris/France (2007-2012), cultural attache of the russian embassy in Vienna/Austria (2001-2004), and cultural attache of the russian embassy in Bonn and Berlin/Germany (1997-2001).

Since 2017 Dr. Maslakova-Clauberg is head of the "International Diplomatic Forum", a humanitarian project in the range of public Diplomacy.

Since 2013 Dr. Maslakova-Clauberg lives in Switzerland and conducts her activities as professor of the Diplomatic Acadamy in Moscow mainly from here. In 2015-2016 she held a series of invited presentations about political, historical, and cultural relationships between Europe and Russia in Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, and Turkey. In 2017 she organized a series of seminars on the topic of the 100 year aniversary of the russian revolution from 1917 in Europe and Russia.

Prof. Dr. Maslakova-Clauberg is a member of ICOM/UNESCO (International Committee of Museums) and there participates in the committee for culture and education as well as the committee of city museums.

You can find more information on her personal website.

Dr. Rolf Clauberg

Bild - Rolf Clauberg

Dr. Rolf Clauberg is co-founder of InterKulturForum GmbH, scientist and strongly interested in cultural, economic, and historical topics. He studied physics at the University of Cologne/Germany fom which he also received the title of Doctor of natural sciences. Diploma and Doctoral thesis works were conducted at the german national research center in Jülich with experiments at research institutes of the University of Paris-South in Orsay/France and in Berlin/Germany. From 1985 until end of May 2018 he worked at the IBM Research Laboratory in Rüschlikon/Switzerland in research and management functions in areas which reach from Optoelectronics to the architecture of computer systems.

Dr. Rolf Clauberg is a Guest-Professor of the Diplomatic Academy in Moskow holding lessons about the impact of tecchnology on the economics of companies and countries.

He is a member of the

A detailed biography and a list of his publications and patents is available on his personal website.