InterKulturForum GmbH

Company profile

"InterKulturForum GmbH" is a Swiss commercial company, which exists since March 2017 and is registered in the Canton of Zurich as a GmbH. The company's activities are aimed at holding events in the cultural and humanitarian sphere, cooperation with social, scientific and cultural organizations, as well as international institutions of the UN system.

The company's activities include various formats of events. In particular, "Thematic cultural trips", "Cultural evenings", discussions in the format "Diplomacy of dialogue" on relevant international, historical and cultural topics, "Concert hall events", etc.

In 2017, "InterKulturForum" held a series of events in Switzerland and abroad. In particular, the company participated in the scientific discussion project "international diplomatic seminar" of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian foreign Ministry, dedicated to a historical date - the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution in 1917. This project involved scientists, historians, political scientists and diplomats from different countries, including Switzerland and Russia. The events were held in different countries - Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, China, Slovakia, Czech Republic and France.

In April 2017, the Swiss national Museum in Zurich hosted the first event of the "international diplomatic seminar", entitled "the 100th anniversary of The Russian revolution: modern assessments of historians, political scientists and diplomats", which was attended by well known experts from Russia and Switzerland. The event was held with the support of the Russian Embassy in Switzerland.

Also in April 2017, the firm was a sponsor of the International conference "Transformation of the world political system: challenges and prospects" hold in Moscow at the Diplomatic Academy of the MFA of Russia with the participation of eminent scholars, diplomats and political analysts from many countries.

In September 2017, the company participated in the Diplomatic Academy event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of The Russian revolution and its geopolitical consequences, within the framework of the Diplomatic club and with the support of the Swiss Embassy in Russia. The event was attended by prominent Russian and Swiss politicians, parliamentarians, diplomats and historians.

In December 2017, with the financial support of InterKulturForum, a new year's meeting of the Diplomatic club was held in Moscow with the participation of representatives of the diplomatic corps and international missions.

A plan of various cultural events and thematic discussions in Switzerland and abroad is prepared for 2018. In particular, in July 2018 there will be theme-trip to Russia "of Tsarist Moscow and the Imperial Saint Petersburg". The firm will also participate in the celebrations in Germany, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Turgenev in Baden-Baden, organized by the German society named after I. Turgenev.

"InterKulturForum GmbH" is open for cooperation with various Swiss and foreign institutions, which are focused on cultural and humanitarian activities and defend the liberal values of a free international democratic society.